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Naval Oranges

Naval Oranges sail on the vitamin C


Programmers capture snakes with their ASP.NET

Chess Master

I made a joke about losing my bishop but the chess master took it, literally.


Q: What do viking ships eat for breakfast?
A: Boatmeal

Q: What do castles eat for breakfast?
A: Moatmeal

Q: What do presidential candidates eat for breakfast?
A: Votemeal

Q: What do goat herders eat for breakfast?
(response): Goatmeal?
A: No! Bleaties

Canon Printers

3d Printers for Pirates.

Soup Forest

Q: What do people living in the forest have in common with people living next to the Campbell’s Soup factory?
A: They both wake up to the sound of a canary.

Goldie Locked Out To Prevent Theft

Goldie locks just cannot stop herself from eating other people’s food. In fact, she’s in-porridge-a-bowl.