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Mission Accomplished!

Well. That’s it. ThePunKing has officially made wordplay on every possible combination in the English language. It’s been a long road, but thankfully we’ve made it together as a community. So what’s next for ThePunKing? I’m glad you’ve asked. The next task to take on is to pun the entire German language. A monumental feat, I’m sure, but I’m up for the challenge!

So Guten Tag mein Deutsch Freunde! Today marks the first German pun:

Ich weiß nicht wie Steve. Er ist stinkig. Er stinkt weil er fährt in der Familie Auto.

Google Maps Pacman

I’m spending too much time playing Google Maps Pacman. I should really just give up the ghost.

Good Chemistry

After hearing that a friend is being set up on a bind date with a chemist, I came up with these for him to open with:

“Did you need a liquid compound, because I’m your solution.”

“You can call me Arsenic, because I have an element of danger.”

“Beaker, I hardly even know her!”

“You can trust me, my intentions are strictly Neon, Argon, and Helium.”

“My buddy Albert doesn’t think we make a good couple, but alkali all he wants. We were made for each other.”

“Is your name Milk of Magnesia? Because you’re a 10.”

German Cats

Had to take the cat to the vet, but it’s nothing serious. In fact he’s doing much better than a German cat.

They only have nein lives!






Catholic Crows commit mass murder.


Daughter: I know what the milky way is.
Me: Oh yeah?
Daughter: A whole lot of stars make it up.
Me: I never trusted them anyway.