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Cereal Killer 1

The suspect is not a cereal killer, but he has bounced a few chex

Alphabet Money

After the dollar collapsed, they used the alphabet for currency. A loaf of bread cost 50 G’s!

Online Shopping

Q: Why do birds perch on telephone wires?

A: They do all their shopping online.

Google Quickdraw

Google Quickdraw is an experiment in AI attempting to train image recognition to find patterns in doodles that users make, and to use previous drawings to match new drawings to words.

So I’ve taken it as my personal mission to teach Quickdraw how to understand puns. Here are the results so far:


Aquarium fish celebrate tanksgiving.

Brand Design

If God were in marketing, then his latest ad campaign is just a small part of his Brand Design.


Before they are born, babies look in-human.