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Poetic Birds

Birds don’t write poetry, but pigeons make a lot of high coos.


A Season for Everything

The year I was awarded the blue ribbon at the farm show for best seasoning is won thyme I’ll never forget.

Radio Show 2

I’ve always wanted to start a radio show exclusively about the band Genesis. I’d have a co-host named Pete who would just talk about absolutely nothing for about 30 minutes. That segment would be a real Peter gab royale.


Delaware must be a big producer of Merits, because I keep having people give me some from there.

Shipping Ships

I want to start a book printing company that specializes in selling fan fiction. Every time we ship a product it will usually be with Hermione.

Storm Trooper Academy

Luke could have trained to be a storm trooper, but it was a missed opportunity.

Bank of Italy

The bank of Italy has a significant lien on the tower of Pisa.