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If the Starbucks website is not written in Java I’m going to be very dissapointed



I spent all summer growing an herb garden but it was killed off by an early frost. Now it’s all just one big waste of thyme.

Chicago West

Chicago, Chicago

That toddlin’ toddler

Chicago, Chicago

She’ll sleep if you swaddle her

Bet your bottom dollar that name’s insane.

It’s Chicago!

A name that no kid could ever live down!

Oh Kanye, mind is gone-ye,

I just have to say.

I can’t believe he ever agreed with that Kim broad’s way. Hey.

I know a man and his crazy ol’ wife.

The kid’s gotta live with that name her whole life.

It’s Chicago, that’s her name now!

Dim Sum

VB Programmers who do a lot of math must love Chinese food.

Cuckoo House

We built a house out of a clock. It was hour house and we had a good time in it.


A lobotomy is a procedure I never thought I’d have, and I still don’t.

Software Union

Software developers don’t have unions. They have right outer joins.