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Old Giant Pun

May 24, 2011

A wealthy trader Named Ching left his homeland and moved his family to England. Ching was well respected for his honesty and quickly earned the people’s favor. Because of this popularity, he was appointed mayor of the small town that he inhabited.  A few years later he was appointed governor of a Provence. One day he received word that due to his honesty the King was considering granting him Knighthood despite his foreign birth. On that same day he observed the Duke Charles Ditt IV, a beloved friend of the king, falsifying shipment records in order to keep more money for himself. The punishment for this was a large fine and it was the duty of the Governor to enforce this fine. Ching also discovered that in order to stay in favor with the King the previous Governors would bend the law on behalf of the King’s friend. The governor had a dilemma and asked his most trusted advisor to help him find the answer. Should he be honest and fine the Duke or Stay in favor of the King.

The next day Ching left for London to meet with the king. The advisor waited eagerly for his return to learn what it is that Ching had decided to do. So when the week had passed and the Governor returned his advisor immediately asked: “So are you Sir Ching, or did you fine Ditt?”

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