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A Sweet Story

May 25, 2011

Battling beTwixt a Galaxy of competing Sugar Mommas, like a battle between the 3 Musketeers. I was just looking for a Fast Break when suddenly I see a ScrumDiddlyUmptios little Kit Kat standing over there on Fifth Avenue. She was M-azing! I decided to Take-5 and introduce myself. “Hi, I’m your Mr. Goodbar” I Krackled nervously.

“Well hello.” She Snickers, Almond Joying herself over my nervousness. Like I was from Mars or something.

It hurt but I didn’t let it get to me. I couldn’t let Hershey me cry. So I told her “Why do you do me that way Baby? Ruth, you need to stop treating me like I’m from outside the Milkyway. I can’t Gummi Bear to hear a million Reese’s why not. So just shower me with Kisses and let’s Nestle close.”

“Mm” she said as she thought it over. “Oh! Henry!” She yelled. “York crazy. I was just saying that for Twix and Skittles. You might hang with the Nerds but you’re my Smartie and if you think I’ve had enough of you I’ll always Wanka S’more both Now, and Later.”

True story. I Sour!

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