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Love is budding

March 29, 2012

At Miami’s Ultra Music Festival love was budding as a woman fell in love with a tree. The sappy relationship began suddenly and they couldn’t leaf each other’s side. Their affections are strongly rooted in a mutual love of nature.

Bystanders watched in confusion as the couple pined over each other. When asked about the incident she responded: “I was board with the same old dating routine. I wanted to branch out.”

The wood be lovers have talked about marriage, and based on the age of the tree he may put more than one ring on her finger. The couple has made no comment on how soon they will bear fruit.

When looking at the history of the tree’s previous relationships, this is not the first nut that fell at his feet. But all things considered we’re hoping for a long and happy mohogonous relationship.

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  1. Angry Jay Bird permalink

    There is assumed to be no significant risk of domestic violence as the tree is well known to be all bark and no bite.

  2. What sound does a tree make if it falls in love in a forest and nobody is around to film it?

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