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April 18, 2012
AngryJayBird: Why don’t female tauren have udders.
Me:  Udderly rediculous
AngryJayBird:  Totally.
Me: So one of their pickup lines could be: “I tried to look at all the other girls in the room but I couldn’t get pasteurize.”
Me: They call their young, mini-taurs
Me: Who they take home from the hospital in thier ford taurus
AngryJayBird: their preferred road surface is Taur-n-chips
Me: Their newly formed rock group is going on taur
AngryJayBird: I herd they taur it up last night.
Me: But when the police arrived they had to hoof it out of there
AngryJayBird: they were in such a hurry when they left that they took a wrong turn, you see, they got steered in the wrong direction.
Me: They had to hurry, there was a guy there dealin’ grass
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