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Happy Presidents Day

February 18, 2013

It’s presidents day so I thought what better way to celebrate than to buy some furniture. My wife wanted to fillmore space in the living room and we needed to get the guest bedroom together for when Jack’s son came to visit. I walked into a furniture store for the first time, and I must have looked pretty taft because the salesmen ganged up to hayes the new guy. The wife ran off looking at coffee tables, dining room sets, and whatever else might be-hoover. The salesmen kept a pierce-ing gaze on me and tried to convince me to buy a new recliner. Granted it looked nice, but it was certainly more than I could a ford. I explained that I was just there for a couch and a single bed and that I don’t give adams about anything else. So not to beat around the bush, but after that I put a nixon the whole furniture idea and spent my money on a new washer and dryer instead. We may not have our new couch but these big load appliances are sure good at washingtons of clothes. It ended up being a good preisdents day afterall. And that’s all totally tru, man.


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