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Washington Redskins

October 16, 2013

In a debate to eliminate derogatory naming, some Washington Redskins fans are demanding a name change. The team name, being called a racial slur, has been called out by the members of the Oneida Indian Nation. Their solution is an outright renaming of the team.

Team management is not happy with the demands, and has become very outspoken. “I don’t know what they are talking about”, says team owner Daniel Snyder. “I replaced tackles, the two guards, and even gave our center a 3 game suspension. I don’t know what more that they want!”.

A representative of the Oneida Indian Nation issued a response, stating: “That’s not the offensive line that we wanted removed.”

The Kansas City Chiefs also face a similar criticism. When asked for comment, their press spokesman simply responded: “This debate is a sensitive matter but is out of our league.”

In light of the strong disagreements from team management and native american representation, a legal battle is starting to brew. Lawyers for the plaintiffs would not comment, but the defense for the Redskins had plenty to say.

“Are we the party of the first part, or the third part?”, asked defensive end Steven Bowen as he looked over the court documents confused.

Outside linebacker, Ryan Kerrigan, also commented, “I’m still trying to find out what ‘ipso facto’ means.”

Nobody knows if the debate will settle soon, or if a name change will really happen, but one thing is for sure. The conflict proves that both sides have some real tight ends.

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