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Cayuga County elects Batman

January 5, 2016

Auburn, New York. Keith Batman has been elected Chairman for the Cayuga County Legislature. In the election the democrats took control of the legislature from the republicans signalling a change in leadership. Already the republican’s influence is waning.

In a speech Batman spoke of how he planned to grapple with issues plaguing the county. “I have lots of tools in my belt” he explained when asked how he would solve financial problems. When talking about budgets concerning police pay he quipped “My first call will be to the commissioner!”

The campaign was a heated one. He called his rival a “joker” and complained often how the opponents were the “bane” of his existence. But Batman was quickly robin’ the spotlight with press conferences from his bat-mobile campaign headquarters.


The issue of funding police came up regularly in the campaign, but Batman described himself as a crime fighter and likened himself to a knight. In one speech he famously quipped: “I am justice. I am the knight. I am Batman, and I approve this message.”

No one knows the future of Cayuga County’s legislature but we’re sure Batman will tack a WHACK at kEEPing his POWerful camPAIN proMISSes.



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