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Chicago West

Chicago, Chicago

That toddlin’ toddler

Chicago, Chicago

She’ll sleep if you swaddle her

Bet your bottom dollar that name’s insane.

It’s Chicago!

A name that no kid could ever live down!

Oh Kanye, mind is gone-ye,

I just have to say.

I can’t believe he ever agreed with that Kim broad’s way. Hey.

I know a man and his crazy ol’ wife.

The kid’s gotta live with that name her whole life.

It’s Chicago, that’s her name now!


Dim Sum

VB Programmers who do a lot of math must love Chinese food.

Cuckoo House

We built a house out of a clock. It was hour house and we had a good time in it.


A lobotomy is a procedure I never thought I’d have, and I still don’t.

Software Union

Software developers don’t have unions. They have right outer joins.

Home Alone


The value of cryptocurrency Bitcoin took a major dive today in what will surely cause the next Great E-pression.