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Klingon Easter

“Perhaps this is a good friday to die!”


Banana, duh!

Q: Where do cold northern monkeys come from?
A: Bananada!


A pirate’s favorite unit of measurement.



I like to draw pictures of cupboards. They are shelf portraits.


Tears at the Fabric of Humanity

Ghosts that makes cloth are always a looming threat.


Punny Comic of the Week

This weekly event ended some time ago, but I’m bringing it back for this single entry. So this weeks winner is a guy who draws comics, andy’s funny too!


Break of Day by Nate Fakes

Two pieces of wax paper are sitting in a bar.

Two pieces of wax paper are sitting in a bar.

A parchment paper walks in, and waves hello to the wax papers.

The parchment paper then orders a drink, and waves to the wax papers again.

The parchment paper finishes his drink and leaves.

When the waitress brings the wax papers their bill, they see that the parchment paper stuck his drink on their tab! He was using his waving to them as implied consent to pay for his drink.

The wax paper yells, “THAT PIZZA SHEET!”

Today’s guest entry comes from: Adam Kenigsberg