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Japanese History

The Meigi Restoration. Resistance is feudal.

Coke Factory

Q: Which type of deli meat works at the Coke factory?
A: Capicola

This Joke is just Raw, Man.

Making jokes is like cooking rice noodles. It’s a lot of fun!

A Trigger for Bad Behavior

I didn’t steal anything from the gun shop. It just has an adjustable stock.

Apple Watch

I thought the “apple watch” was a recall on granny smiths.

When a Microsoft founder sits down, it’s BendGates

I’m no longer taking my iPhone 6 scuba diving. Last time we went it got a wicked case of the bends.

Car Troubles

I’ve had a flat tire every week for the past 4 weeks. It seems like I’ve had car trouble for the hole-in-tire month!